Welcome to LOA!

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Welcome to LOA!

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:56 am

Hello Guests, Members and everyone else.

First of all Welcome, to our jk2 clan forum.
the forum still needs some basic work, but its ready for use. Smile

Who are we?

LOA = League of Assassins, Was first created as a Private server for a game "Gunz".
It was Developed by Okiba "Former Ros Member" & Killahkeezy. The game was fun and we had a great time. The game still exists in our backup drive, including its webpage. for those who wonder. Yess LOA (THE GAME). Will be back online soon Smile Anyway lets move on.

Exactly 6 month's ago:
I started to Game again tried lots of different things, like "League of Legends" - "Tera rising" and found myself a great and fun group to have fun with while gaming.. this is where the Community began. We wanted to make a group where people could share the same intrest as us, and could play along side us in multiple games. We kept Evolving, even if our community only has 21 Members, We where kinda strict about choosing our Members. with joining our Community. becaose of Teamspeak Behavior etc. We managed to gather a Stable fun Group to Chat & game with while we achieve our goals inside the multiple games we play.  Our Relationship has grown to LAN Party's Meetings and more.

Why Jk2:
Back in the day i played in jk2 clan Ros, and i always loved the game, this game was special even if its this old its always gonna be one of my favorites. now why did we came to Jk2? I wanted to play the game again so i went in solo. withoud any LOA member knowing. And the momment i joined a server, i could already feel that the game diddent change at all but it lost allot of players.. wish coases a big Whole in our chests (jk2 players).
I wanted to make Jk2 the next game we would play in our Community - Clan. So i started to create LOA in Jk2. I managed to convince many LOA Members to try it out. ive searched for lots of info, how to manage a server and server modding etc. i received help from good Coders Smile who still are helping me improving LOA Homebase. The purpose of the Mod we are working on is to prevent LAMERS from Killing New players (new LOA Members/random) Becaose we dont want them to quit the game after 30 mins gameplay. I have always hated people with such EGO who just kept raping someone becaose they felth so good. against someone who just started. LOA is here to make that change. ofcourse there are still lots of servers left to choose from.
But LOA Homebase will be there to prevent lamers from LAMING Newbie's who just want to play for fun or want to learn the game. LOA Has already put in 12 Members to the game jk2. and we will be adding more players to it and try to teach em everything we know. they love the game.

World of LOA:
Most of you diddent know this, LOA still has an Active private server Wish is Based on World of Warcraft 3.3.5a
Custom Client Custon Flying mount etc. lvl cap 90 Expansion Wrath of the lich king.

More info coming soon.

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